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Debt Collection Solutions


Iowa Debt Collection Specialists

Ms. Murray is a Cedar Rapids debt collections attorney offering debtors, creditors, businesses and individuals those debt collection services and results that are beyond what collection agencies alone can provide. Murray Law Firm will take your case to the next level by filing suit and prosecuting your case to the fullest extent allowed under Iowa law.  

Our debt collections services include a variety of legal options including pre-suit negotiations, payment plans, small claims and district court trials, and post-judgment executions and recovery. Murray Law Office employs an experienced support staff who utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner in an ethical, friendly and professional environment.

Our Debt Collection Services INCLUDE

  • All accounts collection services
  • Collections of debts owed under loan agreements, retail installment contracts, secured transactions, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, for goods sold and delivered, and for services rendered
  • Judgment enforcement and post-judgment litigation
  • Actions for the collection of fees owed to law firms, accountants, and other professionals
  • Actions to recover sales commissions and consulting fees
  • Defense of a wide variety of actions
  • Trials and appeals